QS Today

Aaron Rosenthal
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Rosenthal is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Quintessence Studios Ltd. (QS), an independent entertainment company focused on the production and distribution of film, television and music content globally. He joined the company in December 1971. 


Steve Klee
V.P. Senior Executive Producer

Steve Klee is the Vice President and Senior Executive Producer of Quintessence Studios Ltd. (QS). He joined the company in May 1987.


Production Unities - HK - USA - UK - DE - FR - IT

Ph.D. Richard Darlington
Senior Producer and WW Supervisor - Legal Consultant

Ph.D. Sofia Sforza
Senior Producer & Casting Dept. Supervisor

Maximianno Cobra - Filmmaker 
Cinematography - Production and Project Consultant

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